Crafty 3D Fireworks Decoration | Kids Korner by Jude

Welcome to the first ever Kids Korner by Jude creation. Clearly, he is super excited for the 4th of July because this week he made this crafty 3D fireworks decoration. Luckily, it is easy to make using items you likely have on hand.

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Collage of photos of 3D fireworks decoration with text overlay: Crafty 3D Fireworks Decoration


This little crafty 3D fireworks decoration is the first adorable craft the new Kids Korner by Jude. It is easy and fun for kids of all ages! Click To Tweet

Note From Mom

Let me tell you, it is incredibly hard letting your kid take the reins on a project. It’s crazy hard. You want to see them succeed and protect them from failure.

Then I realized, who am I to know what will succeed and what won’t? Furthermore, how can he learn if I never let him make mistakes?

Instead, I guided him when he asked. Gave my opinion when solicited and let him create from the heart and imagination.

**I have edited his instructions for grammar and clarification but all ideas and steps are his.


Metal card tin with popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners inside

You Need:


Pipe cleaner wrapped popsicle stick

Step 1

First, wrap a pipe cleaner around the top of a popsicle stick.


Pipe cleaner wrapped popsicle sticks

Step 2

Then, do this to at least 4 more popsicle sticks.

Mom’s Note:

Step 3

Then take the lid off of your box. [You do not need it for this craft.]

Step 4

Place the box [open side down] on a piece of cardboard [or other safe surface].


Blue Spray Painted Box

Step 5

Paint the box with spay paint.


Painting Red acrylic paint on metal box

red acrylic paint on metal box

Mom’s Notes:

Step 6

Let the painted box dry.


Dot of hot glue on metal box

One popsicle stick glued to blue metal box

Popsicle sticks glued to box

Step 7

Then put the sticks on the bottom of the box with hot glue.

Mom’s Note:


pompom glued on metal box

Step 8

After the popsicle sticks are glued on, glue a sparkly pompom to the middle.

Mom’s Note:

I made this because it is fun to make and you can use [it] as a decoration. The most important part is to have fun.

3D Fireworks Decoration

3D Fireworks Decoration

3D Fireworks Decoration

3D fireworks decoration with text overlay: Crafty 3D Fireworks Decoration

In the end this little craft turned out adorable. More importantly, he is proud of his crafty 3D fireworks decoration. It is easy for young kids to make, too, which is always great when your kids range from 4 to 9.

If you are like me, and want to protect your kid from the world, take a breath. Let him make mistakes now while he is under the umbrella of your protection. Our mistakes make us better and it is no different for kids. All we can do is make sure they have a safe place to land.

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Collage of photos of 3D fireworks decoration with text overlay: Crafty 3D Fireworks Decoration

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