Build Your Marriage Journal Cover Reveal

You are totally amazing!  I received so much incredible feedback last week about the cover options for the upcoming Build Your Marriage journal.  Your comments, suggestions, votes, and input all helped to totally transform the cover into the perfect representation of what the journal is all about.  I don’t want to keep you waiting so before anything else I present to you the finalized Build Your Marriage journal cover:

Build Your Marriage has a cover! Check out the cover reveal and find out how this weekly journal can help build and strengthen your marriage!

It is so perfect and your feedback was truly invaluable!  In addition, a ton of you made inquiries as to when the journal will be available and how to get your hands on it (all of which will be shared next week).  Today, though, I have a special treat for you that I know you are going to love.  Keep reading to find out what it is.


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Growing up, my best friend’s little sister struggled immensely with interpersonal skills and behavior issues.  To help her mom out their psychologist recommended starting a journal to promote better and more meaningful communication between them.  It was a great way for each of them to share their feelings (and frustrations) openly and honestly without getting tripped up on words or risking interruption.

If you are interested in reading more about this method check out the following articles:

If a shared journal can help you communicate with a willful and often naïve teen, imagine what it could do for your marriage!  Unfortunately, if you search for a guided marriage journal you don’t find options that truly build your marriage.  Instead, they are about documenting the events that have already happened (or listing A-Z reasons you love your spouse).  Communication is key in any relationship and it broke my heart that something like Build Your Marriage didn’t already exist. 

It is so easy with the demands on your time to put building your marriage on the back burner.  That is exactly where this journal can help.  It has weekly journal prompts for husbands and wives to answer.  The prompts are then followed up with a weekly action.  Not only is it not all-consuming of your time, it is guided which takes the onus off of you and your spouse to come up with ideas.


Build Your Marriage has a cover! Check out the cover reveal and find out how this weekly journal can help build and strengthen your marriage!

Free Sneak Peak

Build Your Marriage isn’t being released until February but I don’t want you to wait to start on something so important.  That is why I am giving you Week 1 for free right now!  Simply click on the picture below to download your free week one prompt and action (this is right out of the journal so you’ll be getting a head start).

Build Your Marriage has a cover! Check out the cover reveal and find out how this weekly journal can help build and strengthen your marriage!

I know that one week simply isn’t enough for some of you.  You want more and that’s awesome!  Get a free PDF download of the first 4 weeks plus be the first to know when Build Your Marriage is available when you sign up below.  That’s one whole month of strengthening your marriage absolutely free!  Why give it away for free?  Because that is how passionate I am about helping you build your marriage!  I want you to not only succeed but thrive in your relationship! 

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  • Kim~madeinaday

    Oh what a great idea for communicating! I like the teen idea too. Shared on Twitter! Have a great weekend!


  • The cover looks great! I love the colors because they are calming and neutral. This is going to be a great resource for many.

  • indiesuns

    That is so cool! I’m still nowhere near getting married, but I think it’s an amazing idea for those who will! Great blog gorgeous!, xx

  • Heather Gullett Denniston

    Love it. I give something similar to this to couples at their wedding. (more like a plan journal with some written instructions inside for them both to write in it.) I am so pleased you have developed the idea into something so beautiful. The look is gorgeous! I am so excited to see where this goes for you.

  • Cristin Wondergem

    This such a wonderful idea! I loved being able to download the first week!

    • Thank you, Cristin!

  • bloggingastrid

    This idea of a shared journal for communication is so great. When I was still in the earlier stages of my relaitonship with my now husband, I used to write about my experiences on my blog hoping he’d read. He often did. Now he doesn’t rea dmy blog as often anymore and I make sure not to share things that are too personal regarding our marriage (after all, it’s the Internet). I can’t use paper journals because of my disabilitiesunfortunately, but I’m thinking using a shared journal is great.

    • Thank you! You could totally try this out digitally or use it has a jumping point for conversation 🙂