Holiday Gift Options: Buying Your Gifts

As promised, today we are diving into one of the three basic categories for your holiday gift options.  We are going to start with the “buy” because chances are you plan on buying at least a few of your gifts and I want you to save as much as possible.  Also, it is important you get your gift buying off on the right financial foot. Here are some tips and tricks to help you save on buying your gifts!

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Learn how to save when you buy your gifts from retailers.

Is Buying Right for You?

How do you know when buying your gifts is the right option for your holiday style?  Some are obvious such as you love visiting the shops this time of year and enjoy the hustle and bustle.  If that’s the case you definitely want to work in at least one or two shopping trips.  However, there are other, less obvious signs you should buy.

1. You don’t enjoy crafting.

  • If you hate the idea of having to sit down and make gifts, clearly buying is a better option for you.

2. You enjoy handmade gifts but simple do not have the time to make them all.

3. You love creating but don’t have much of your own supplies.

  •  If you don’t already have some basic supplies, you could start overshooting your budget in a hurry trying to obtain it.


Learn how to save when you buy your gifts from retailers.

Be Specific

To prevent yourself from overspending, have a specific list of items for each person on your list.  (We will learn how to do this more thoroughly on Thursday but I want to share with you how this step pertains to choosing to buy your gifts.)  Once you have your list made, diligently search for deals on those items.  If there is a specific video game you are looking for or you know your parents need a new DVD player, start looking for deals on those items now.  This not only helps you stay within your budget, it also helps you know you are getting the best deal possible.  Lastly, as part of being specific, give yourself a completion date for obtaining all of your gifts.  Some examples would be:

If doesn’t matter what goal you pick so long as you set a firm completion date.  Choose a goal that fits with your lifestyle and stick to it.

Boost Your Savings

There are plenty of ways to boost you savings even if you are buying all of your gifts.


Learn how to save when you buy your gifts from retailers.


Retailers don’t want to store all of their excess and overstock.  Instead they will sell it to you with huge discounts.  Always look for these deals when you are at the store.  You might be amazed at what you can find.  I got the 3 items pictured above for less than $2.00 each and these are just a small snippet into what I have gotten.

Use Coupons

Even if you don’t normally use coupons when doing your regular shopping, use them now.  You can find coupons for toys, clothes, electronics… you name it and there is probably a coupon for it.  Also, don’t just look at the picture.  Read the text.  Manufacturers and retailers will often put a picture of the most expensive version of a product on the coupon to increase the likelihood of you choosing to purchase that specific item.  In most cases, the coupon is good on other, less expensive, versions as well.  Lastly, don’t forget about percent off coupons.  These can save you tons on necessities like socks and underwear (which I have no aversion to setting under the tree each year).


Learn how to save when you buy your gifts from retailers.

Don’t Overlook Craft Stores

Craft stores carry a lot of products that aren’t necessarily for crafty people.  Games, books, home décor, and small appliances are just a few of the items you can mark off your gift list in these stores.  If you’re asking, “Why would I buy that stuff there when I can get it at another store just as easily?”  I have the answer for you.  Craft stores offer some of the best coupons and they offer them weekly!  I was able to get that super awesome Star Wars puzzle above for my brother-in-law for on $7.00 using a 50% off coupon at Michaels.  That’s $3 less than it is at Amazon right now.  So be sure to check the major craft stores in your area to see what they have before overpaying for items on your gift list.

As always, when deciding which holiday gift option is right for you, be realistic.  Don’t determine to order everything off of Amazon if the money to do that just isn’t in your budget this year.  Conversely, don’t vow to DIY every gift when you’ve never done a craft project in your life (high school Home Ec. excluded).  Both of those mistakes will cost you hundreds later when your budget is blown.

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