Bust Summer Boredom with Weekly Crafts

It’s finally here! Summer break has arrived and we are thrilled! We have the freedom to run to the zoo when the weather is nice. The pools have opened their gates. The world is quite our oyster right now. The only problem is that all of that freedom leads to boredom in the kiddos some days. When you still have work that needs to get done, packing up the kids for an outing is not always an option. On those busy days or when the sun simply won’t shine, there is another option. Bust summer boredom with weekly crafts using the Creative Play Kit from Michaels. Please note that this is not a sponsored post. It is simply a really great deal to enjoy hours of creative fun this summer.

Bust summer boredom with weekly crafts. The perfect tool to whip out on rainy days or when the kiddos start yelling they're bored.

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You can now check out the unboxing:

The Creative Play Kit

I just got my order in for the Creative Play Kit this week and I’m ecstatic. This kit is packed with 1000’s of supplies for kids to create with. The best part is that they all come in a fantastic case to keep it all organized. I will share the unboxing of the kit with you as soon as it arrives but until then, here is what you will find in your kit:

Your Summer Tool Kit

This box is your perfect summer tool kit. Whip this baby out when the kids cry out that they are bored. Give them supplies and let them create. It is also great for rainy days when you’re stuck inside for hours. You could even use the supplies to rock a creativity-themed family night. Bond together while you work on a collaborative project or on individual crafts. As always, snacks are 100% encouraged to fuel the creative juices.

Upcoming Kids Crafts

Still not convinced? Here is a sneak peek into the upcoming kids crafts that I’ll be sharing on the site made with this kit. I’ll be sharing a new project each week that you and the kids can create together. They will also help if your kids (or you) are the type of crafter that does best with specific steps to follow when creating.

Summer Behavior SystemThis one is great for kids and moms. The little ones get to be creative and you will have a fabulous system to encourage good behavior all summer.

Giant Flower ArtBring the garden inside with this fun and easy craft.

DIY Kids Art DisplayYou are going to want somewhere to show off all of those creations. Get your kids involved in creating the display with this art display!

Bust summer boredom with weekly crafts. The perfect tool to whip out on rainy days or when the kiddos start yelling they're bored.

Are you excited yet? That’s just a taste of the awesome kids crafts coming your way this summer. Order your kit before we kick off this crafty fun next week. Don’t worry. It ships for free so you only have the cost of the kit. While you wait for your kit to arrive, there are tons of other fun activities you can enjoy. Check out 5 Ways to Find Free Summer Activities or get your craft on with the kids crafts page. See you to bust summer boredom with a new craft next week friends!

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