Budget-Friendly Products to Organize Your Pantry

Is your pantry a hot mess? Could you go to it right now and find exactly what you need without a lot of digging and searching? If that sounds familiar it’s time to finally get it under control with these budget-friendly products to organize your pantry.

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When you food organization is a mess, it makes it that much harder to make yourself cook meals. Nobody wants to do extra work before working and that’s what cooking sometimes feels like.

Luckily, there are tools to help you wrangle it all. The way you make it budget-friendly is by looking at inexpensive products in a new way. Don’t worry, I’ve done the work for you and curated products and ideas to help you organize your pantry once and for all.

Tan over-the-door organizer
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4 Pocket Over-the-Door Hanging Organizer

This organizer is actually termed as a nursery over-the-door organizer but it is the perfect size for the back of your pantry door. Use it for storing snacks or other lighter pantry items.


Food Canisters with Chalk Labels
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Food Storage Containers Set

These are a must not only for organization but also are a great preemptive measure in pest control.


Wire under shelf basket with foil
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Under Shelf Baskets

Sometimes large shelves are great for storage. Other times, it means a lot of wasted space. The baskets are the perfect way to make use of wasted space.


Can organizer with shelf
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Can Organizer and Rack

I don’t think I could survive without my can organizer. I use a lot of canned goods for easy weeknight dinners and need quick and organized access to them. These are life savers!


Can organizer on shelf
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Upright Can Organizer

Depending on what your pantry looks like, the above can organizer might not work for you. That doesn’t mean you don’t need organization. This upright organizer is my second choice for you.


Plastic Lidded Storage Container
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Plastic Shoe Boxes

I don’t know anyone who actually uses these for shoes. Most moms I know use them for craft supplies but they are also great for organizing your pantry. I use these to organize baking supplies such as cupcake wrappers and decorative picks to sprinkles or candy melts.


Plastic Lidded Storage Container
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16 Quart Plastic Storage Container

Larger plastic storage containers are perfect for creating snack stations for your kids. Fill them with pre-portioned snacks and place on a shelf within easy reach of tiny hands. It seriously streamlines snack time.


small container of push pins
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Push Pins

Are you using push pins in your pantry? If not you are missing out. Use them to utilize the empty wall space in your pantry for additional organization. Hang extra keys, coupon organizers, and more on these babies.


Small container of binder clips
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Binder Clips

Binder clips are perfect to use in conjunction with push pins to help organize items like seasoning packets or other items that are well suited to wall organization.


Folded coupon organizer
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Grocery Coupon Organizer

Speaking of using binder clips to help with organization, clip one on your coupon organizer for easy access when you need it. You can also use these as your envelope system for budgeting or for gift card organization. Don’t discount them even when you don’t coupon.


Collage of organization products with text overlay: Budget-Friendly Products to Organize Your Pantry

There you have my favorite budget-friendly products to organize your pantry. Remember that the best organization finds creative ways to utilize products to fit within your space. My kitchen, and subsequently my pantry, are super tiny. Through effectively utilizing products like these, it is still well organized and space efficient. Do you have any products you use in creative ways to organize your pantry? Help a busy mom out and share them in the comments!

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Collage of organization products with text overlay: Budget-Friendly Products to Organize Your Pantry


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