Bright and Colorful Candy Christmas Tree

Do you know what truly brightens up a room during the holidays? A bright and colorful candy Christmas tree, that’s what. Finally, you can enjoy all the extra cookies and candy you want with zero waistline expansion!

Decorated White Christmas Tree in Living Room with text overlay - Bright and Colorful Candy Christmas Tree

Welcome to Day 10 of the Fourth Annual 12 Days of Christmas Series!

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It’s Day 10 and we are sharing our Christmas Tree!

When I got my first house in 2007 (at the adorable age of 21), I was super excited for Christmas. For the first time I could have a real tree and not just the little 4-foot one my mom gave me for my apartment.

Even better, the house was big enough that I decided to have 2 trees. One was a crazy tall traditional tree decked out in red and green and Nutcracker themed. That adorned the living room.

Upstairs, I decided on a smaller 6 foot candy themed tree and I LOVED it. Unfortunately, that tree was lost when I left that house and I haven’t had one since.

That’s why I am so excited to finally start enjoying a candy Christmas tree again. Admittedly, this is its debut year so it is sparse and has some growing up to do but it’s a colorful and super exciting start.

Bright and Colorful Candy Christmas Tree

Giant Lollipops on Top of White Christmas Tree

It was challenging to find a tree topper I liked. On my first candy tree, I had a giant Hello Kitty ornament that I used. Of course, that was lost with the other ornaments and also it worked for a smaller tree.

Then inspiration struck. I could totally use 2 of the window decorations I made! I secured them to the tree with twist ties and voila: A gorgeous new candy tree topper.

Cookie Ornaments on White Tree

The Candy Ornaments

The ornaments are sparser this year than I’d like but the ones that are there pack a big personality. The cookies “Snow” ornaments is super cute and goes perfectly with the DIY Snowflake Cookie Ornaments!

The pink bows I made with leftover ribbon from the lollipops project. I love how the pink pops off of the white branches. Next year, I want to find a similar ribbon to wrap as garland on the tree.

Cotton Candy Ornament on White Tree

Of course, you’ll also find the cotton candy ornaments we made this year. 

Colorful Ornaments on White Christmas Tree

There are also super colorful letter ornaments on the tree for each member of the family and also a “G” for the grandparents. The kids (and papa) had a blast search for their initials on the tree.

Hello Kitty Ornament on White Tree

Of course, no bright and colorful candy Christmas tree is complete without a fun Hello Kitty candy ornament! I actually think this came in a Happy Meal or something. I’ve been known to order them for myself if there’s a cool toy I want. (Yes, I have a problem and nope… I don’t care.)

Decorated White Christmas Tree in Living Room

Don’t Settle for a Tree

One thing that made me wait so long to do a candy tree again was that I wanted a white, full sized tree with colored lights. Do you have any idea how difficult that is to find? 

Ultimately, I found a 7.5 ft unlit white tree and colored lights on white wires to make my own. It’s been so long since I had to put lights on by hand. You forget how much work it is.

Close Up of Candy Christmas Tree
Close Up of Candy Christmas Tree with text overlay - Bright and Colorful Candy Christmas Tree

This bright and colorful candy Christmas tree is sure to brighten up your home this season. Make sure you follow me or subscribe to the newsletter to stay up-to-date as this baby tree grows up year after year. The first year is always the trial run. You find out what you like, what works, and what you want to change. Don’t miss out on the journey!

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Close Up of Candy Christmas Tree with text overlay - Bright and Colorful Candy Christmas Tree

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