Birthday Card Frame Insert

I love making things that are a little bit more personal, so when I made the DIY Birthday Card Frame I knew I wanted it to include something that would resemble an actual card but also include my son’s handwritten crayon signature. Unfortunately, he wasn’t around while I had the time to make the card.  My solution?  I found one of the many pieces of artwork and notes that he has signed and simply cut out his signature.  Done and done.  So there is a little bonus tip for you.  Okay, on to the tutorial to make the birthday card frame insert.

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Birthday Card Frame Insert Materials


Step 1

Using the little paper insert that comes in frames as a guide, cut cardstock to the correct size for the frame.


Step 2

Stamp your message or picture (or both) on the piece of cardstock.



Step 3

Pour your holographic embossing powder over the stamped image and then shake the excess onto a scrap piece of paper.  Return the excess to the container.


Step 4

Use your heat gun to go over your stamped image until the embossing powder is heated. (You will notice a change in its appearance once it melts) Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have embossed all of the images you wanted stamped on your card.


Step 5

Have your child sign the card, place it in the frame and you’re done!

Don’t forget the tip at the beginning of the post to help you if your child isn’t with you when you make the card. You can easily personalize the insert to fit the birthday girl or boy’s style. This tutorial is also easy enough to let your child help you make it. Mom should do the heat gun steps, though. You can get more kid made crafts on our Kid’s Page!

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