75 Screen Free Summer Activities for Kids

Let’s face it: it is super easy to get lax in the summer and let kids binge on television or video games. It is so much easier to turn on a tablet than prepare an activity. Planning ahead is key to successfully navigating summer break and I’m sharing 75 screen free summer activities for kids to help you out.

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These 75 screen free summer activities for kids are perfect boredom-busters without resorting to video games. Click To Tweet

This list has ideas that are fun for kids of all ages. Some require hands-on mom time and others are as easy as setting the kids loose in the backyard. Use these ideas to personalize your DIY Summer Activities Board for your family. You will enjoy these too, and couldn’t we all use a little break from out phones now and then? These activities will help you stop scrolling through Facebook and start enjoying the carefree days of summer.


Printable screen free summer activities sheet

75 Screen Free Summer Activities for Kids

1. Paint with Gobblies

2. Nerf War

3. Visit the Library

4. Glow Stick Tag

5. Make Journals

6. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

7. Plant a Garden

8. Make Coloring Books and Color them

9. Play a Friendly Game of Dodge Ball

10. Find a Baseball Field and Play Kickball

11. Paint Rocks

12. Go for a Hike

13. Play with Face Paint

14. Teach Kids to Hand Sew

15. Update Kid’s Clothes


Glow in the dark frisbee

16. Play Glow Frisbee

17. Write and Illustrate a Storybook

18. Tell Stories Around a Camp Fire

19. Build a Fort Out of Items Found in the Yard

20. Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

21. Create Your Own Signature Mocktails

22. Have a Backyard Campout

23. Make and Fly Kites


Kids standing in front of window drawings

24. Paint the Windows

25. Try Geocaching

26. Have a Water Fight

27. Have a Color Fight

28. Decorate Aprons

29. Make Pompom Monsters

30. Put on a Puppet Show

31. Make Perler Bead Bracelets

32. Start a Home Recycling Center

33. Make a Fairy Garden

34. Try Family Yoga

35. Have a Dance Party

36. Design Your Own Temporary Tattoos

37. Create a Dance Routine

38. Go for a Bike Ride

39. Make Snow Cones

40. Go Swimming


Mom and kids holding hands and walking

41. Visit the Zoo

42. Make Friendship Bracelets

43. Design Your Own Shrinky-Dinks

44. Tell Ghost Stories by Flashlight

45. Grow Crystal Designs

46. Make and Bury a Time Capsule

47. Let Kids Be Photographers for the Day

48. Tie Dye Some Shirts

49. Make Garden Stones

50. Go on a Haunted Tour (or Make Up Your Own)

51. Create a Sidewalk Chalk Game

52. Build Lego Mazes

53. Have an Elaborate Tea Party

54. Make a Stop Motion Video

55. Play Backyard Bowling

56. Giant Backyard Tic-Tac-Toe

57. Make Soda Bottle Rockets


Open summer memory book with decorated first page

58. Make Summer Memory Books

59. Create DIY Placemats

60. Make Homemade Ice Cream

61. Design Lego Cars and Race Them

62. Tie Dye Water Gun War

63. Craft Backpack Charms

64. Braid Flower Crowns

65. Play Giant Outdoor Glow Pong

66. Make a DIY Sprinkler and Play in It

67. Play Zip and Zoom Ball Game

68. Put on a Concert with Upcycled Instruments

69. Hang a Swing in the Backyard

70. Build a Tree House Together

71. Clear the Living Room and Go Sock Skating

72. Build Catapults

73. Play Family Charades

74. Try a Pen and Paper RPG

75. Climb a Tree


Printable screen free summer activities sheet

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Kids playing outside with text overlay: 75 Screen Free Summer Activities for Kids

Now you are prepared for any time the kids whine about boredom this summer. So many of these activities are simple to do and hours of fun. Which of these 75 screen free summer activities for kids is your favorite? Are there any summer activities your family loves that aren’t on here? Let me know in the comments!

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Kids playing outside with text overlay: 75 Screen Free Summer Activities for Kids


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