End the Bedtime Wars: 5 Tips to Get Kids to Sleep

From utilizing music to a comfortable bed, these 5 tips to get kids to sleep will help you finally end bedtime wars. + win a Baby Bundle from Brentwood Home

It never fails. You are winding down with the kiddos before bedtime. You’re watching their favorite cartoon or reading their favorite story for the umpteenth time. Next, you get them snuggled into bed and it starts. “Can I have a drink?” “I need to use the bathroom.” “We never colored today.” Those sweet little angels turn into stalling masterminds. You have the option of shutting the door and letting them cry it out but there are other steps you can take to make the transition to bedtime easier on everyone. From utilizing music to a comfortable bed, these 5 tips to get kids to sleep will help you finally conquer the bedtime wars.

From utilizing music to a comfortable bed, these 5 tips to get kids to sleep will help you finally end bedtime wars. + win a Baby Bundle from Brentwood Home #ad

Stagger Bedtimes

It’s not always an option for kids to each have their own room. Don’t let this keep you from smooth bedtimes. Stagger bedtimes with your kids to eliminate playing at bedtime. This doesn’t have to be significant amounts. If your kids are close in age, staggering by 15 minutes can still be effective. Staggering bedtimes will mean changing up your bedtime routine (see below) to doing the winding down and prayers in the living room instead of in bed so plan accordingly.


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Create a Routine

This is a big one. A consistent bedtime routine not only helps kids mentally prepare for bedtime but also creates physical cues that tell their bodies that it is time to sleep. It doesn’t have to be a big, elaborate routine. Something as simple as setting a specific time to begin baths, read a book, and say prayers has a high impact. My kids cannot get through our bedtime prayers without yawning because it has become a physical cue that it is time for them to go to sleep.


  • Consistency is key when starting a new bedtime routine. It may seem hard-nosed but for the first 2 weeks, do not deviate from the routine. That means no staying late at family or friend’s houses, no eating dinner at a later time, and no skipping baths. Once the routine is well-established, the occasional deviation won’t do harm.

Utilize Music

Sometimes kids have trouble turning their brains off at night. They are building memories, creating connections, and learning constantly. Television can be over-stimulating but music, especially instrumental, can be a great way to give them something to focus on without getting wound up. If you are having trouble getting your kids to stay in bed at night, try getting an inexpensive clock-radio, cd player, or even a nightlight that plays music.


Beware of Electronics

Electronics are not a bad thing. My kids get to watch a television show before bed every night. However, they are not watching an activity-filled cartoon that encourages them to get up and dance or jump around the house. Instead it is a mellow show, often with music. It is also one that they have seen before so that they can enjoy it without wondering what’s going to happen (which can make their brain get more engaged than I want before bed).


  • I do caution against any type of video games before bed. Even the most education-filled and mellow of video games can overstimulate them before bed. Their brains begin working on solving problems, adrenaline starts pumping from wins and losses, and it is overall a bad bedtime idea.
From utilizing music to a comfortable bed, these 5 tips to get kids to sleep will help you finally end bedtime wars. + win a Baby Bundle from Brentwood Home #ad

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Cozy Bed

You may be tempted to purchase a $50 mattress for your kids, especially if they are still in a crib or toddler bed because they will outgrow it in a few years. I have made that mistake and it resulted in my daughter not sleeping through the night until she was 18 months old. As you can imagine, that was an exhausting nightmare for a mom pregnant with her third child. Instead, invest in a high-quality mattress that is comfortable and grows along with your child, like this Poppy 2-Stage Crib Mattress from Brentwood Home. The mattress has a firmer side for babies and a softer side for toddlers which makes it worth the investment for your kids. Did I mention that it comes with a waterproof cover that is easy to clean and it is free of any chemical fire retardants? Think about how much better you sleep when you have a comfortable bed and imagine how much better your kids will sleep with the same.

Bonus Tip

Allay those bedtime requests by working them into your routine. For example, if your son always asks for a drink as soon as those covers come up, bring a small cup to bed. Fill it beforehand with a sip of water and let him have that sup in bed. If your daughter always wants a second story, build that extra story into the bedtime routine by lying down to read 5-10 minutes earlier. These small changes can make your life so much easier at night.

From utilizing music to a comfortable bed, these 5 tips to get kids to sleep will help you finally end bedtime wars. + win a Baby Bundle from Brentwood Home #ad

My 4-year-old daughter loves her new mattress and actually looks forward to sleeping on it! If you want to help your child be invested in bedtime, make her a part of the whole process. Show her when you’re ordering it online. Let her be a part of the unboxing and setting it up. When your child is a part of the process they actually get excited about bedtime. While you won’t find this little snippet on the Brentwood Home website, I love that the mattress is like a springy trampoline. It supports my daughter while still being soft and comfortable. It also turns out that kids are less inclined to jump on a bed that doesn’t vault them into the air. That’s just an extra parenting bonus. Are you ready to end the bedtime wars and get your hands on your own Poppy 2-Stage Crib Mattress and Sweatpea Changing Pad? Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a set for free!


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  • Aaron

    I always, definitely, have to make sure to reduce stress before bedtime.

  • Malv

    SettIng an individualized bedtime is often a really good idea.

  • Paulet

    Turning off the TV at least two hours before bedtime is a must do…

  • Marc

    It usually helps to create a sleep-inducing environment, too. …

  • Milt

    A consistent bedtime routine is always very helpful.

  • Rob

    I use a set wake-up time.and a little more sleep on Holidays and weekends.

  • LeAnn Harbert

    Take all the distractions out of the bedroom.

  • Annette

    No late snacking and an early dinner. Food fuels, so they’re more likely to be sleepy and tired after the meal has had time to digest.

  • Birdiebee

    When my kids were younger, I would read to them to get them to sleep.

  • bgsmama

    we turn off electronics about 30 mins before bedtime and read stories. i’ve done this with my oldest since she was tiny and she always is asleep within 10 minutes. i just had a baby and i love your tip of staggering bedtimes!

  • renee

    A few short books and a set bedtime schedule have always worked for me.

  • Deanna

    We read before bed time. It makes every one sleepy.

  • Kristin

    I try to keep the bedtime routine consistent.

  • Tandi Cortez-Rios

    My son loves naps so I keep him from taking long naps or he stays up all night!

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    I recommend books before bed and no TV! 🙂


  • Sarah K.

    I have a 2 -yr old. It’s brush teeth (I phased out the nighttime bath), say prayers, read a book, turn out the light, hold her for a little bit while humming, tuck her in bed. Routine.

  • Wendy Browne

    I agree with routines.

  • April Swaim

    I read my kids a book and it works every time!

  • Bobbie Smith

    A warm bath, and a good book to read that they pick out.

  • sarah gillespie

    Establishing a routine was imperative. Nights were incredibly rough for us until she learned what was expected of her every single night. It helps her know what to expect.

  • I used a vacuum for a sleep sound when i couldn’t afford the sound machine but had a vacuum lmao use whatever you have!

    • I love that idea! Plus I bet your floors were super clean every day!

  • Dagmar

    We have the same routine every night that winds them down so they aren’t all worked up and crazy lol! This includes bathtime and story time

  • I used to play music for them when they were littles

  • meghan b

    I think a routine is very necessary!

  • Valerie Schlicht-Conway

    I always use classical music and it really helps

  • Stacie H

    Routine is key! If they are on a schedule, they will be tired at the same time each night. And mine always looked forward to picking out a different book to read each night. 🙂

    • I absolutely agree Stacie! Routines always make life easier for kids and parents both.

  • steve weber

    a nice warm bath before bed always helps get them to sleep.

    • Yes! A warm bath is great for helping kiddos wind-down for bed. 🙂