5 Games for a Fun and Frugal Night with Friends

Don’t go through the work of entertaining only to have your game night be a dud. Be a game night rock star with these 5 games for a fun and frugal night with friends.

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Growing up I always looked forward to game night. We had absolutely no money but that didn’t stop us from having fun.

It was always a big deal when our friends came over for a game night. It meant lots of laughter and it meant we got to stay up later than usual.

Sometimes our friends would bring a new game for us to play which led to even more hilarity figuring out how to play it. These are the fond memories I want to share with my friends and kids now.

When you’re trying to get out of debt, game nights are awesome. They are an inexpensive way to get together with friends and create memories that make you laugh for years to come.

Unfortunately, not all games are equal when it comes to interaction and fun. A Monopoly night is great for family game night but not so much when you have a large group of friends over. These game ides are perfect for a fun game night with all your friends!


Smart Ass

This is a hysterical game that is perfect for the hyper-competitive friends in your group (which is totally me, btw). Each card has a Who, What, or Where question along with 8 clues that narrow down the answer.

As the clues are read, everyone gets a turn to guess. The best part is that this game is fun for the card reader too. Some cards you will know which clue is going to give it away and it can be fun to tease a little over it.


What Do You Meme? Game laid out
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What Do You Meme

This is like a fun new twist on Apples to Apples. A meme is placed on the table and each player chooses a card from his or her hand that best represents that meme. If the judge for that round chooses your card as their favorite, you win that meme.

This is a great game for that friend that is constantly filling your Facebook feed with memes!



If you haven’t played Taboo yet, you are missing out. This is a great game for couples or for large groups since there is essentially no limit. What makes this game so hysterical is the creative ways you get your teammates to guess the word. The better you know your team, the better you will do.


Open Components of Balderdash
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This is an oldie but a goody. It is the game of ultimate trickery and b.s. for everyone.

The reader draws a card with a word, person, date, or more on it. Each player then writes down their own made up definition or significance of the card while the reader writes down the truth (listed on the card).

When the reader reads the answers aloud, players vote on which one they think is real. You can see how this quickly and easily leads to laughter and fun.


Child holding a card with a plastic opener in his mouth Watch Ya' Mouth Game Box

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Watch Ya’ Mouth

This game is straight up bananas! Each player takes turns inserting his or her mouth guard (don’t worry, each player gets their own) and reading a card. Players try to guess what is being said.

The first one who does, wins that card. It sounds simple but it is incredibly difficult. No matter how hard you try to enunciate you will fail.

This is one of those games that I never would have tried if friends hadn’t gotten it but I’m so glad they did. It is a blast!


Bonus Game Idea: Cranium

This is one of my favorite games (after Scattergories, of course). It’s crafting, charades, Pictionary, and more all rolled into one.

Sculpt the word on your team’s card in clay or act out a famous song. There is no end to the hilarity with this fun game.

It is another one that is perfect for large groups of friends to play.


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These 5 games for a fun and frugal night with friends are the perfect way to get some group hang time without derailing your budget goals. You may not be able to afford nights or dinners out while you’re paying off debt but that doesn’t mean you can’t still rock a game night.

Come back later this month to find out how to save money with a pitch-in party. It is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to entertaining on a budget!

Now I want to know what your favorite board games are. We’re always on the hunt for awesome new ideas to try out. Let me know in the comments!

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Collage of Games with text overlay: 5 Games for a Fun + Frugal Night with Friends


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