5 Awesome Podcasts to Inspire Self Discovery

Some days you wake up ready to take on the world. Most days, however, you likely are just trying to get through the day. On those days, working on yourself and your well-being is the farthest thing from your mind. Keep it a priority with these 5 awesome podcasts to inspire self discovery.

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I didn’t get on the podcast band wagon until last year. People would talk about them and I’d simply smile and nod my head thinking, “Oh yeah… people sitting around talking? Sounds like a blast.” *insert internal eye roll here*

Once I started listening, I dipped my toe in slowly. It started with Dave Ramsey. If you have ever looked at his podcast, then you know that there are literally enough episodes to keep you busy for years. After a while, though, I found that people often called in with the same questions and problems. His answers are unwavering, which is great for consistency, not so much for keeping me engaged.

That’s when I started actively seeking out more. I had developed a habit of listening to podcasts while cooking and cleaning to help make the tasks easier.

Now, I listen to podcasts in all kinds of genres but my favorites are always the ones that inspire action or reflection on my part. In fact, I keep a small notebook and pen handy while listening so I can jot down ideas that really resonate with me. I totally recommend you do too, especially when it comes to self discovery.


Shailey Katies Lemonade Stand Podcast on Phone Next to Headphones

Shailey & Katie’s Lemonade Stand

These honest and hilarious ladies cover parenthood, organization, self-confidence and more. Pretty much everything that makes moms tick is on here and they will help you delve into it all.

Start Here Episode Recommendations:


Do It Scared Podcast on Phone Next to Headphones

Do It Scared with Ruth Soukup

This podcast focusing on pushing you to “Do It Scared” because that is the only way to truly grow. She covers topics such as body image, goal setting, and finding a why that’s bigger than your fear. Each one will inspire you to take the next step and go after your dreams.

Start Here Episode Recommendations:


Spiritualish Podcast on Phone Next to Headphones


What I love about this podcast is that they tackle some seriously tough issues. They dove deep on a series about boundaries and they also talk about “societal taboo” topics like codependency and addiction. To date, my favorite episode gives you word-for-word scripts about how to say no with grace and finality (something I think every mom needs).

Start Here Episode Recommendations:


The Project Life Mastery Podcast on Phone Next to Headphones

Project Life Mastery Podcast

I am going to let you know straight-forward, I do not agree with his, or his girlfriend’s, views on everything. Sometimes they get too stuck in their own world to realize that what works for them in business, life, and as a couple simply does not (and should not) apply to everyone. That being said, I also think this one is worth listening to. He has a very direct go-after-your-goals energy that can give you the kick in the pants you need when you’re wallowing. I also agree with the attitude he has about constant self-improvement and trying to be better.

Start Here Episode Recommendations:


Divorce Survival Guide Podcast on Phone Next to Headphones

Divorce Survival Guide Podcast

Say what? How does a podcast about divorce survival end up on this list? I stumbled upon this one by happenstance, but I have to say that after listening to it, I’m hooked. Yes, she talks about topics that frequently pertain to divorce but the advice she gives is important for every woman. Through the unique experience of her own divorce, she has insightful tips on personal responsibility, self-awareness, and improvement that you need to hear.

Start Here Episode Recommendations:


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There are many more out there but these 5 awesome podcasts to inspire self discovery are the perfect place to start. Slip on some headphones and listen to one while you clean your house. This is my favorite time to listen because I get so involved it doesn’t even feel like I’m cleaning (which I hate doing). If you have an android phone like I do, I love using Podcast Go to listen to my faves. It’s totally free and alerts me when new episodes are added.

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Podcast List on Phone next to Headphones with text overlay - 5 Awesome Podcasts to Inspire Self Discovery


How to Rediscover Yourself After Marriage and Motherhood Series

  1. Introduction
  2. Why All Moms Need a Journal
  3. Determine Your Why for Self Discovery
  4. Find Your Cheerleaders
  5. DIY Positive Affirmation Cards
  6. Create Your SAHM Hierarchy of Needs
  7. The Hard Truth About Carving Out Me Time
  8. 5 Awesome Podcasts to Inspire Self Discovery
  9. How to Love Yourself First
  10. Stop Reacting to Life and Live Proactive
  11. How to Set and Protect Boundaries as a Mom
  12. How Moms Can Stop Being People Pleasers
  13. Why It’s Okay to Outgrow Relationships
  14. It’s Time to Break-up with Yourself
  15. Create a Mini Mom Oasis for Recharging
  16. Why Moms Should Date Themselves + How to Do It
  17. How to Get Your Free Time Back as a SAHM
  18. Turn Someday into Today
  19. Why You Should Throw Out Your Clothes
  20. Rediscover Your Old Hobbies
  21. How to Find New Hobbies You Love
  22. How to Create a Daily Self Care Routine
  23. Shut Down Your Negative Self Talk
  24. How a Haircut Can Help You Find Yourself
  25. Make a Bucket List You’ll Actually Complete
  26. Unique Alternative Ideas to Help You Find Yourself
  27. Why SAHM Need to Unplug Weekly
  28. 10 Mom Date Ideas You Can Do at Home
  29. 10 Mom Date Ideas to Get Out of the House
  30. Embracing Your Weird as a Mom
  31. How to Practice Mindful Reflection