10 Mom Date Ideas to Get Out of the House

Unless we are running errands or taxiing the kids, stay-at-home moms don’t get out of the house as much as they should. That’s why you need to change it up and make a point to enjoy some of these 10 mom date ideas to get out of the house. You will feel more refreshed and be less tempted to get distracted by chores or parenting tasks.

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Full disclosure, I’m not great about date nights out. Other than the crops I schedule throughout the year, I don’t do much outside of the house by myself.

It’s not that I don’t do things, but if I go to the movies or see a concert it is with friends. Going on dates by yourself takes practice and intention. Luckily, with this list I now have motivation to try some things alone. Hopefully you will be inspired too.


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Paint and Sip Event

I have done one of these alone and with a large group of friends. (You can read about the experience here.)These are so much fun and perfect when you want to get creative but need a little guidance. You can pick your class ahead of time so that you know the painting is something you like.

At the end of the night, you’ll feel recharged and have an awesome new piece of artwork for your home.

See a Movie

The beauty of hitting a movie by yourself is that you can see any guilty pleasure you want and you don’t have to share the snacks. Hello bucket of popcorn! It’s also great because it forces you to disconnect from your phone for a couple of hours. This is exactly what moms need sometimes.


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Enjoy Dinner Alone

Have you ever actually sat and enjoyed a meal by yourself? Treat yourself to a dinner that you don’t have to cook at your favorite restaurant. Don’t forget to save room for dessert while you’re out.

Play Games at an Arcade

Get in touch with your inner child and hit the arcade one night. Try different types of games to see what you like. For example, I’m not big on shooter games but there is an Amazon one with giant bugs and stuff that is always so much fun. You don’t know until you try.

At the end of the night, don’t forget to spend your points on something fun at the ticket counter. You can’t go wrong with fun glasses and squishy toys!


Scrapbook Supplies with text overlay - Attend a Crop

Attend a Crop

As I’ve said before, crops are great for scrapbookers and stampers. Many schools and churches host these events for charity so the money goes to a good cause. For around $50 you get 9 hours of paper crafting, 2 meals, and fun giveaways. I cannot recommend these enough.

Head to the Library and Read

How many times do you pick up a book only to reread the same sentence 20 times because the kiddos and your husband keep distracting you? Get some quality, uninterrupted book time by heading to the library. Find a comfy chair and kick back with a great book.


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Go on a Local Ghost Tour

Get your chills and thrills fix by taking a local ghost tour. You learn more about your city in the process which is super fun too. Don’t forget your camera when you go. A lot of tours encourage you to take photos at certain locations to try and capture orbs and other anomalies.

Ice Skating or Roller Skating

If you have an indoor roller rink or ice rink near you, check them out. Lace up your skates and go sailing across the rink for a fun and active date night. Don’t worry about looking like a fool. If you fall, get back up and try again. Remember, you’re doing this for you and it’s meant to be fun.


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See a Play

A play is another great date night to try out. See a musical you’ve always wanted to check out. If you’re on a budget look for plays or musicals at local high schools or colleges. This is a great frugal alternative to expensive shows downtown.

You can also look into local theater troops for excellent shows that fit within your budget. There are plenty of options to find a show you’re interested in at a price you can afford.

Grab Dessert

Instead of getting an entire meal, just grab some dessert. Hit a fancy ice cream parlor or a specialty bakery and grab a decadent dessert for one. The bonus here is that you don’t have to share bites with tiny humans. When is the last time that happened?


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When you make it a point to get out of the house for a mom date once a month you will find yourself more refreshed and more energized. Start with these 10 mom date ideas to get out of the house then begin coming up with your own. This is a great place to work on your bucket list. Turn some of the items on it into date nights with yourself and don’t forget to check them off when you get home!

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