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Can you ever have to many kids craft ideas? When you’re a busy mom of 3 the answer is an emphatic no! That’s why this week I’m bringing you 10 more easy summertime kids crafts.

Collage of kids crafts with text overlay: 10 Easy Summertime Kids Crafts


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A couple of weeks ago, I had an expected few days away from the kids. It wasn’t unexpected because I didn’t know about it, more like I forgot. So when my sister and brother-brother-in-law text me letting me know what time they were picking them up, that’s when I remembered.

At first, I was stoked. Hubs was in Hawaii prepping for his upcoming annual training and frankly, I could use the break. Enter day 2 without the kiddos and I was bored out of my mind.

I learned a valuable lesson. I don’t need as much of a “break” from my kiddos as the day to day leads me to believe. We love getting creative together. I love playing games with them. I love doing activities with them like these.


Painted journals with pineapple and pink drink on the cover

Handmade Journals for Summer (5 Minutes for Mom)

Journals are always a great idea. They encourage kids to develop their writing and drawing. They teach emotional awareness and control. That’s why I will always share awesome DIY ones like these.


Frozen blocks of ice with toys in them

Finding Dory Summer Ice Rescue Sensory Play (Squirrels of a Feather)

When the sun is beating down on you, find icy ways to cool down like this sensory play idea. She’s also go a great tip to help the ice melt faster when it seems to take forever.


ribbon and fabric bracelets on wood background

Summer Fun with Bottle Caps (Suzy’s Sitcom)

Do you have an excess of bottle caps from all of your summer running and sports? Turn them into adorable bracelets with this awesome tutorial.


sidewalk chalk paint in a muffin tin

Easy DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint (Hello Creative Family)

Sidewalk chalk paint? Yes please! This DIY version is bright and vibrant which makes the play that much more fun.


Paper plate jellyfish craft

Jellyfish Paper Plate Craft (Cookies, Coffee, and Crafts)

I love jellyfish. They are absolutely fascinating creatures and were one of my favorites to teach kids about when I worked at the aquarium in college. Easy crafts like these are the perfect jumping off point to teach your kids about jellyfish.


pink flip flops that look like trolls

DIY Troll Inspired Flip Flops (Dazzle While Frazzled)

Let your kiddos showcase their Trolls love with these fun flip-flops! The ones she made are pink but you could easily make them in any color your kid wants.


popsicle sidewalk chalk

DIY Bomb Pop Chalk Popsicles (Jennifer Perkins)

If chalk paint isn’t your thing then try these chalk popsicles instead. The best part is they’re easy to store for later when you’re done playing.


Kids running outside with streamers

Rainbow Bird Streamers (Frog Prince Paperie)

Ah, rainbow fun. It’s summertime kids crafts like these that you find yourself wishing you had made one for you. Save yourself the regret and go ahead and make one now.


painted minion canvas

Minions Kids Craft (C’mon Get Crafty)

Do your kids love Minions? This easy paint craft is perfect for them. She seriously makes it easy enough that kids of all ages can get in on the fun!


Popsicle Stick Army Men next to a toy tank

Popsicle Stick Army Men Craft (DIY Adulation)

Since every mom on the planet has a plethora of popsicle sticks, why not turn them into these adorable army men? They are super easy to make and don’t hurt nearly as much if your kids forget to pick them up and you step on one!


Collage of kids crafts with text overlay: 10 Easy Summertime Kids Crafts

Instead of craving a break from your kiddos, keep them entertained on the tough days with these easy summertime kids crafts. I can tell you from experience that it doesn’t take long before you are craving all of the snuggles, chaos, and love that comes with the mom life. Soak all of it in and whip up something creative along the way.

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Collage of kids crafts with text overlay: 10 Easy Summertime Kids Crafts

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