Celebrating a new life on the way is always such a blessing. Whether it is a couple’s first child or their fifth, it is still an occasion to celebrate. One of my favorite things to include with gifts, besides a DIY baby book, is handmade cards. The fun of cards

Do you feel like your grocery budget is out of control? If you are spending hundreds each month on groceries and still having to run out weekly for ingredients then something has to change. It can be hard to get your spending on track and reign in your food budget.

Woo hoo! Welcome back to the Merry Monday Link Party 137! Today I'm catching a marathon of Flea Market Flip which has me totally inspired and excited to see what you have been creating. It also has me wondering, where do you find inspiration for your ideas and projects? I'd

How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? If you are like most people, probably not so well. How many of your workouts have your already missed? Have you looked at your budget since creating it at the beginning of the month? Setting resolutions is easy but then we hit

Being a parent is a full-time job and you’re never off the clock. Unexpected snow day can throw a wrench in your routine making you stressed or frustrated. I get it. Your responsibilities don’t stop because school is closed. Instead of letting snow days aggravate you I want to challenge

Weddings are expensive. Even when you DIY everything you are still looking at a hefty chunk of change. Add to that the fact that you want your wedding to be unique and special and it can seem like an impossible task. Last year I had the awesome privilege of being

How are those resolutions coming along? I just read last week that over 90% of people of given up on their New Year's resolutions by February! Can you believe that? Most of us aren't even making it a month into the new year. That blows my mind. If you are

Are you as excited for 2017 as I am? I can’t explain why but I am absolutely confident that this year is going to rock. It is something I know in my bones. If you are going into this year skeptical or pensive, stop it. Decide right here and now

Welcome to 2017! I hope that your New Year's Eve was safe and fun. Are you crazy excited for the new year? I 100% believe that it is going to be the best year yet. I hope that you are feeling just as optimistic about your new year. Part of