Must-Read Tips for Big Travel Savings

You love exploring new places with your family. There definitely are those favorite places you love to return to over and over again. Unfortunately, money can be a major barrier to traveling as much as you would like. What if there were ways to save money on travel even if you have a big family? You can create big memories on a small budget! These tips for big travel savings will help make more family adventures possible.

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You can create big memories on a small budget! These tips for big travel savings will help make more family adventures possible.


You don’t always have to plan in advance to save money. Hotels often offer last minute deals to fill up unsold rooms. On the flip side of that, the earlier you book your flight the more you are likely to save on it. Also, it can be worth it to drive a little further to an airport with cheaper flights, depending on your options. This all boils down to knowing the best timing for deals before you start planning. In addition to the tips above, don’t forget that going in the off-season for an area will also help save you a bundle. Do some research and find out when the off-season is for your vacation destination.


You can create big memories on a small budget! These tips for big travel savings will help make more family adventures possible.

Free Rewards

Another tip worth taking advantage of is free rewards programs. When you sign up for loyalty programs for free, you can reap the benefits on purchases you already make. Hotels offer perks like free internet and breakfast or even points towards a free stay! Another rewards program type to look into is gas station rewards programs. You can earn discounts on fuel, free coffees, and more through these rewards. Again, they are totally free for you to sign up for and they are an excellent way to save even more on trips!


You can create big memories on a small budget! These tips for big travel savings will help make more family adventures possible.

Save on Flights

If it is an option at an airport near you, fly with an airline that has no bag fees. Unfortunately this isn’t available in all areas. That doesn’t mean you can’t still save some dough. Here are other tips that will help you save:

  • Pack EfficientlyIf you can fit everything in a carry-on you will pay a lot less on baggage fees. As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about the airline losing your luggage.
  • PursesPurses and similar sized bags always fly free. Get more free luggage on by having every member of your family bring a bag on board.
  • Be FlexibleBook your flight first and be flexible in your dates. Once you find flight dates in your price range, book the rest of your trip around them.

Save with Lodging

When booking a place to stay, don’t only focus on saving on lodging. You also want to keep in mind how your lodging can save you on your vacation. Food is a major expense when you travel so try to book lodging with a kitchen. If you are staying 5+ days it is worth it to look at condo rentals. If it will be a shorter trip, try to find a hotel room with a refrigerator and microwave at the very least. This will allow you to visit a grocery store and eat some meals in your hotel room. Another way to save is to share one room with your kids (especially when they are younger). Not only will you save money, you will get some quality bonding time in such close quarters.


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You can save hundreds or more if you drive instead of fly, even if you rent a car. Yes, the trip might take longer but it also makes the trip a fun family adventure. The journey can be just as exciting as the destination. Here’s how you can save even more on vacation by driving:

  • Pack food and drinks. These don’t need to be just for the drive, either. Bring meals that can be heated up on vacation to save a ton on food costs. (Freezer meals are great for this!)
  • Bring games, movies, and activities for kiddos without worrying about the extra luggage fees.
  • Driving also allows you to bring comfort items for kids. Pack their favorite blanket or stuffed animal to make staying away from home easier for them.


You can create big memories on a small budget! These tips for big travel savings will help make more family adventures possible.

Get Your Money Back

When you book your vacation, save even more by earning cash back for free (and no, I’m not talking about a credit card). You are booking all of your travel online anyway so use Ebates and earn cash back on all of it. You will be able to earn cash back on your arrangements whether you book through the direct sites or not. Simply make sure that you have the web browser plugin installed and it will alert you whenever cash back is available for the site you’re on. If you want to save even more, book your entire trip through a site like Hotwire. This will find great deals for you and it earns you cash back through Ebates. Perfect way to get the most bang for your buck.

When you use these tips it’s not a question of if you will save but how much more will you save on travel. You will even save on last minute travel arrangements. Plus, the more you use these tips the quicker they will become second-nature for you helping you save all of the time. When you use Ebates every time you book, you can just sit back and watch the cash back stack up. You’ll be the go-to travel guru in the family! Where will your family go this year? I’d love to hear about your adventure plans in the comments!

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  • Thanks for the fantastic tips! I totally agree on booking your flights first – there are always more options in hotels and prices!

  • Love all these tips, travelling is definitely expensive so every little helps!

  • C’mon Get Crafty

    Traveling is such an expensive undertaking, it is so important to cut costs wherever you can!

  • Cherry Mayola

    Packed food saved me a ton when traveling with kids! Thanks for sharing! I won’t be as hesitant to go on family adventures now knowing I can save somewhere!

    • Packed food saves a ton with kids even when you’re just going to the zoo! Lol.

  • Great tips! I love to travel so any way I can save money helps!

    • Thanks! I totally agree!

  • Fun tips! We always plan in advance when it comes to family travel (because: kids, schedules, chaos otherwise!) but we also love spontaneous adventures and there are so many great apps like HotelsTonight that offer awesome last minute discounts on lodging. And as someone who travels a few times a month sometimes, I totally agree: carry-on luggage only all the way!

    • Luggage costs are simply crazy to me! I can’t imagine what your costs would be if you checked a bag multiple times a month.

  • Erika Ravnsborg

    Excellent tips . I will certainly be keeping this in mind

    • Hope you get more travel in this year!

  • Great tips! These are always a nice reminder, especially when it comes to travel. 🙂

    • I hope you save big on your next trip!